Realization #2

Everyday when we talk, I always learn something new about you. 

Realization #1

I’ve always been a happy guy, and most, when I’m with you.

A Different Kind of Race

How do things happen ?

As a sub elite distance runner, I have seen a huge progress in my running over the past 2 years. When I started joining fun runs for…well…fun, I was the typical back of the pack runner only aiming to finish much like the majority of the participants. I have to admit, it soon turned boring and actually humiliating to see the Kenyans finish the race while I was only halfway done.

That’s when I realized something must be done. You see, the more time you spend on something, you tend to be better at it. In short, there’s a development going on. Back in December when I started the base phase for all the racing to be done this summer, all I did was put solid miles into my legs. Long runs, tempo runs, hill repeats, intervals, fartleks, you name it, I did it. I found myself stronger and faster.

I concluded the base phase back in January with a half marathon (21k) just to see how my fitness was. I still finished with a decent time after being in the lead pack for the first 5k. The plus side was I actually beat one Kenyan ! I have nothing against those guys but it was a monumental moment for me so I was pretty hyped hahaha.

Then came a challenging 10k-5k just a couple of weeks ago. I ended up finishing 9th in the 10k race and 10th (out of 2300) in the 5k. Not bad, considering both were ran a week apart. So far, the racing season has been good and I am looking forward to see how things would go in the next races.

But enough of running, let’s talk about development. As I said, the more you spend time on something, you become better at it. Much like in life, I would also cite as an example, feelings lol. The more you spend time with someone, you might find yourself developing feelings for that someone. The only sad thing is, yes, YOU can develop those feelings, but it is uncertain whether the other person would reciprocate them. To be honest, that sucks hahahaha. But hey, there’s no harm in being optimistic and who knows what’ll happen ? We shouldn’t really expect anything this time around so it’s all up to how things develop in the coming days, weeks, months, or even years ???

It’s a whole different race now.

Day after Valentines. Just working on the bonus paper while playing around with Mandy Moore’s “Cry” hahaha. Sorry was just hella bored. If you wanna find out why we were pretty happy at the end, the lover boy himself, Gio Ignacio, told me I could sing. Pshhh yea right but thanks lol

And you give. And they take. And it’s love that you want but not love that you make
(Save Your Heart) Mayday Parade

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After 2 days of nonstop running, me and my sister set this day as Cross Training day. We’ve lost quite a few pounds which is just right for the upcoming race next month so no worries about that. Earlier today, we had our blood test and ECG just to check if we’re physically fit. Having lost a decent amount of blood, I decided that I wouldn’t jump right into the pool or hop on my bike unless I got blood flowing all over my body hahaha. So, we decided to try Zumba !!! I stumbled upon this video on youtube to get me going while my sister was filming what would be a massive fail. I was already in trouble by the very first move and had to drop out after trying to follow the vid !!! LOL, anyways enjoy this. I probably won’t have a career with dancing so i’ll just stick to running :D

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How it’s been lately, got a reason to smile again ! :D

How it’s been lately, got a reason to smile again ! :D



Thanks Mags ! HAHAHAHA :D

Thanks Mags ! HAHAHAHA :D

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